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Posted in About Anything Else, Postings on Friday, January 9, 2009 by theorangemage

Alas, Maegworks shall fall again. This time it will not arise for a long time. The domain is up sometime in February, and I’m not renewing.

It’s been fun. Wait. Boring.

I have another blog on this site but it is secret!


A thousand curious clicks

Posted in About Anything Else, About Gaming, About Me, and My Oddness, and School, on Consoles, on PC, with a Wii on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 by theorangemage

Today, Maegworks has reached 1,000 views, today’s views mainly being from a witty-ass comment I made on Slashdot regarding Ubuntu’s lolsome naming conventions.

In other news, Fall Semester starts soon.

Current gaming is still TS, Albatross18, and Trackmania: Nations. New to the list are Worms: Armageddon (which STILL gets updated regularly) and Europa Universalis III.

I also got a blue iPod shuffle from my girlfriend. She got it as a “gift” for enrolling at her college, but she already has one of the normal iPods. Cute, tiny little thing.

I also re-arranged my room so that I can actually reach my closet without being impaled upon something. The TV is in a much better space, and I also got a new(er) Sega Genesis to go with it!

Also, in the past 60 hours or so, the floor below me had all 3(!) layers of flooring (vinyl, wood, and tile, in that order) removed and replaced with better tile. This was all brought on when a backup and leak in our radiator seeped across the foundation, ending up in the hallway, warping the hidden wood flooring, and literally creating a bulging fault line in the tile. Also, during the removal, they essentially had to jackhammer it all out, coating the whole downstairs in a fine white powder and playing hell on out allergies.

Now, off to connect both my Wii and PS2 to my TV in here…connecting three of the four last generations in one big pile.

Small Midsummer Updates

Posted in About Anything Else, About Gaming, on PC on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 by theorangemage
  • New header, courtesy of some random fractal art from DeviantArt.
  • I updated the Custom Raver Pants Review post with a new store. Someday I’ll turn that post into a page.
  • I edited my usual message board avatar (FF Bartz as Black Mage made Orange) to have an actual face, better pants, and a shirt. It’s currently only up at MTGSalvation on trail status.
  • I redownloaded Live for Speed and hooked up my steering wheel again. No racing sim is harder than LFS in my limited experience.
  • I also added a song-playing/file-sharing widget at the bottom of my sidebar. It’s the same thing I have on Facebook.
  • Bulletpoints are possibly more effective than tiny paragraphs, but not if the entire post is bullets. Likely using bullets at a key list in a 3+ paragraph posting would have more impact.