Giant Spring Update

I have been employed since mid-February at Browse Awhile Books in Tipp City, Ohio. School is still plodding along as usual. Smash Bros. got delayed again but came out a day before my birthday. Speaking of that, I turned 21 on March 10th, 2008. Yay booze!

Current gaming is some Team Fortress 2, and a new, fledgling mod for HL2 called “Ballmen,” which is a simple old-school deathmatch game with one major twist: The ability to change your gravity to any of the six “cardinal” directions in 3D space, which makes for some…interesting gameplay to say the least. Those who get dizzy easily may not like it. I’m currently working on a map for it to show my support. However, my gaming in general is lacking at the moment simply because of work and school taking up most of my time. It’s not too bad, but meh.

I don’t even touch my XBox360 or Wii these days. It’s a pity.

I won’t even try to say I’ll fix this blog up this time, but it’s not impossible.



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