Autumnal Ramblings

Unreal Tournament 3 nears, a decently buggy demo arrived a few days ago. Runs like butter on this rig. Can’t wait to get a hold of it and see what kinds of mods pop up.

Fall is here in full force, thank God. Temperatures above 85F can bite me.

Played my Wii for the first time in a while…some Wii Sports for the bowling, and Super Smash Bros. Melee for practice for when the next one is released December 3rd February 10th. At least wave-dashing and L-canceling and all those pr0 glitches and exploits are gone, from what I’ve heard. (Suck it, Swei.)

f623d327-772f-4eca-b638-2931f43ffe19Forza Motorsport on the 360 is what Gran Turismo should have been. Spiffy custom Lancia Delta hatchback with insane acceleration and a quick paintjob included on the left. The paint editor is a decently robust stamp-and-1000-layers system, allowing for just about anything to be made. Plus I have been informed of a quick and dirty glitch to get free money in the game, which is always fun.

However, my copy of skate. for 360 is cracked…it froze a lot before now, so I think it was a small break it came with that broke further with the stresses of being in a high-speed DVD drive, spinning like a motherfuck. Microsoft says deal with it, GameStop wouldn’t take it back either, so I’m pretty much screwed. God damn bear calvary.


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