The Cusp of Fall

Well, the last week of what is officially summer is here, and going out with some decently high temperatures, as my area will be in the upper 80F range until next week. Seems fair seeing as we had a COLD weekend in the 60F area.

Fall classes have started again, and luckily they’re all at the Englewood campus barring one online (Law 101) class. Mucho convenience in both time and (gas) money.

In terms of my gaming, the only thing of mention is EA’s skate. A much more realistic and street-oriented approach to the sport than any of the Tony Hawk games. One notable feature is the ability to record footage and upload it to EA’s MySpace-like site for the game. A nice clip of some of my “skating” can be found here. Fun stuff, not to mention I got my character looking decently like me.

Someday, I will redo all the categories on this blog, to bring them in line with what normal tags exist within WordPress, but it’s one of those little things that either take a crapton of motivation or an extreme case of boredom.

August was a huge month for Maegworks. The site got 1/4th of its hits in that month alone. This month is shaping up to be merely average, though.

Now for sleep.


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