Small Midsummer Updates

  • New header, courtesy of some random fractal art from DeviantArt.
  • I updated the Custom Raver Pants Review post with a new store. Someday I’ll turn that post into a page.
  • I edited my usual message board avatar (FF Bartz as Black Mage made Orange) to have an actual face, better pants, and a shirt. It’s currently only up at MTGSalvation on trail status.
  • I redownloaded Live for Speed and hooked up my steering wheel again. No racing sim is harder than LFS in my limited experience.
  • I also added a song-playing/file-sharing widget at the bottom of my sidebar. It’s the same thing I have on Facebook.
  • Bulletpoints are possibly more effective than tiny paragraphs, but not if the entire post is bullets. Likely using bullets at a key list in a 3+ paragraph posting would have more impact.

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