Another half-assed, forced update

My current gaming habits consist mainly of The Specialists (see linklist) and TrackMania: United, the latter being a crazy racing game with a robust track editor and puzzle-based mode. Essentially it lets you live out unfinished/impossible Hot Wheels fantasies.

In terms of school, just more math as usual, and a decently hard and challenging C++ programming course. I love a challenge, though.

My girlfriend is the current guardian of my Wii. I’m waiting for the good games to come out, such as Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros.: Brawl, etc.

I also acquired the following free of charge through legal but less than honorable means:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (DVD-ROM)
  • 5 XBox360 Wireless Controllers
  • Some Microsoft Headset
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 for XBox360

 Me and my girlfriend are getting Outback carryout tomorrow, which will be awesome. That is all.


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