My Move from MySpace to Facebook

So, today, as I went to delete the MySpace for Albatross18 (The online PC version of Super Swing Golf for the Wii that I used to play,) I accidentally…deleted all my friends. Knowing that it’d take a bit of time to re-add everyone, I opted to finally make the move to the better, less emo website, Facebook.

It’s so many orders of magnitude better that I can barely describe it. Sure, you can’t customize your profile with CSS and Javascript, but with all the TERRIBLE customizations many people have at MySpace, it’s kinda welcome. Everything in the system makes sense and is well designed.

I meant to make the move long ago. Just needed something to make MySpace not worth it anymore. Like deleting all my friends. Yeah…

UPDATE (11:08 AM EST, January 12th, 2007): Hello to anyone reading this blog on Facebook. All entries under “About Me”will be imported into Facebook on a regular basis henceforth.


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