The “works” in Maegworks

One of the things that I will most likely talk about on this site are what I refer to as “works,” as in the second half of this place’s name. Maegworks itself is my psuedo-company name, as it doesn’t exactly exist but does appear on certain official documents in some places. As time goes on, I want to actually have Maegworks DO something. As the categories already active on this site show, this “something” is most likely related to gaming.

Taking a cue from one of my favorite gaming companies (at least during my childhood,) I have opted to seperate each potential into different simple codenames. The company in question in Sega, who threw their second-party developers into different “Amusement Machines” from AM1 to AM9. With the exception of AM2, all of Sega’s second-party developer units now have their own unique names.

But I digress, here are some tidbits about the “MaegWorks”:

MW1 – MW1 is a game concept born out of crappy web-based “recruitment”-based “PvP” games and the much better web-based game “Kingdom of Loathing.” Another inspiration for MW1 is Wurm Online, although I hope to avoid the terrible amount of tedium and hardship present in that game.

One of the goals MW1 has is to be open-source and accessible from just about any platform. Due to the nature of the game, I believe it is possible for the game to be rendered in HTML like Kingdom of Loathing is, yet also be able to have a lush, full 3-D program as most MMORPGs do.

The gameplay of course is the most important part of any game. My biggest beef with MMORPGs is the inherent fact that time played is more important than inherent skill. Essentially, most MMORPGs benefit players who have no life. EvE Online breaks from this slightly in allowing all players to train various skills around the clock, regardless of login status.

Taking a major cue from web-based games, I think the solution is time-limited gameplay. Give the players a certain amount of turns or actual time per day, and many of the problems inherent to MMORPGs disappear. Eventually, the players who play “hardest” will rise to the top of course, but this system allows casual players to succeed at a much better level than traditional gameplay systems. Further posts about MW1 will go more in depth.

MW2 – MW2 is a little pet idea of mine that I doubt has any chance as a mainstream game. It’s a golf game.

Essentially a much better version of the original SimGolf (not the Sid Meier version,)  it would be the ultimate golf game in terms of customization. Course creation would work like a scalable version of GeneRally in that it would use the concepts of heightmaps and terrain painting to create each hole. The actual golfing would use the traditional swing bar present in most golf games. The game would aim to be completely customizable, of course.

That’s it for this post.


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