Death of a Promising HL2 Mod

On December 27th, the team behind the Half-Life Rally HL1 mod and the (formerly) in development Half-Life Rally 2 mod for HL2 announced that due to the extreme difficulty in modifying HL2’s vehicle code to synchronize in a multiplayer environment, they will cease development of the mod and release the source code of various parts of their work. Available at the time of this posting is the code for vehicle prediction and checkpoints. More information is available at the Half-Life Rally 2 website.

Personally, Half-Life Rally 2 was the HL2 modification that I waslooking forward to the most. Sure, Dystopia is an excellent mod, but I am as much of a racing game player as I am a FPS player. The premise of HLR2 was to be much different from the original; the game would have been a team-based vehicular combat/racing game. Think Twisted Metal + Mario Kart. This was decided probably because the Source engine allowed it to be somewhat possible and the outcry of some who felt that “a plain racing-only rally mod is boring.” Ironically, this decision somewhat alienated the loyal rally-centric HLR players who immediately petitioned for a weaponless mode.

Many ideas were thrown around for the game, including plugin-based gameplay to allow for an infinite amount of gametypes such as Race, Team Race, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc.

However, I’m a bit confused about the inability to synchronize vehicle code. Haven’t other mods accomplished this already? Empires has various tanks, APCs, and jeeps running around, albeit in a somewhat buggy fashion, and I think Garry’s Mod has working vehicles. Any discussion on this question is encouraged.

A sad day in HL2-mod land. 😦


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