The Obligatory First Post

Hello. This is the fourth version of my blog, Maegworks. I am The Orange Mage, also called Maeg or TOM for short. My previous version of Maegworks were on Xanga and Blogger. I chose to move here due to the expanded features, although the inability to edit CSS without “donating” irks me to an extent.

The majority of this blog will be about myself and my hobbies, namely gaming of various sorts.

About myself, I am 19, male, white, and in Ohio. I’m not single, so don’t try.

About gaming, I play PC games, Console games (PS2, GBA, DS, GCN, Wii), and various tabletop and board games.

Expect more posts in the future. Just don’t expect them fast or with any regularity.


One Response to “The Obligatory First Post”

  1. ‘Ello Maeg.

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